Rachelle Crocker - The Chef

Inspired by the season’s abundance, the old world, the beautiful - Rachelle celebrates the delicious and the nutritious inherent in foods. The feral nature of what surfaces with a child left to her own devices brought Rachelle to harvesting winter berries in the woods and selling them on the side of the road for 5 cents a bunch, and collecting chicken eggs to cook over a candle in the barnyard.

Her skill evolved with the gifted wisdom of all of the cooks that she has shared kitchens with. A jewish father, growing up in her mother's homestead, wedded to her heritage of nomadic / magpie drifters, Rachelle's ability to create a loving and efficient kitchen anywhere with anything has itself created her practice.

Going from working in deli's to working at a small family run Thai restaurant, the door opened for Rachelle that food can be it's own story in a tiny porcelain bowl.

Rachelle cooked privately and for large parties and events in her early twenties in New York City. She Chefed a farm to table restaurant that sourced from her own kitchen garden, her mother's homestead and a few other farms local to Southern NH. She now runs Honey n' Schmaltz Catering, Cooking, Confections, and Cocktails, a sister business to EIEIO Farm which her mother has been operating for 35 years. She also freelances as a menu developer.

Beginning with the childhood tea party, to the drinking party, to the food party- Rachelle's love is rooted in feeding the fabric of a person through celebration and the vibrancy of food itself. Continually seeking what it means to be fed from one person and place to the next, Rachelle explores the food that we each need and want, individually and together. 

Roxanne Crocker- The Coordinator

Roxanne is lead by her deep commitment to orchestrating beautiful, hand crafted and unique events that allow guests and hosts alike to be transported to an enchanting world.

Each event with Honey N Schmaltz is completely unique, and it is Roxanne’s commitment to actualize the particular way that every individual client dreams of celebrating. In order to achieve this goal, she prioritizes (and enjoys!) clear and direct communication with every client throughout the process, from the initial vision to the tiny often-forgotten details on the day of the event. Roxanne can ensure that each event deeply reflects the desires of the client while maintaining the integrity of a holistic and efficient product.

After attending RISD, where Roxanne created food based visual art exploring the intimacy of eating, she spent years running an historic Inn in Southern New Hampshire, and managing events in NYC and San Francisco. Her comprehensive understanding of all of the elements of hosting evolved out of these experiences. Alongside her experience in the food industry, Roxanne integrates her background in visual art, teaching, and yoga to gracefully craft and conduct a one-of-a-kind event, no matter the size.

Through her experience of sustainable farming she runs the business based on her embodied awareness of true holistic practice. Taking into consideration all of the working parts that come together to create and provide food for people that is mindfully grown, cared for, harvested, prepared, and presented.

An event with Roxanne is an event for all of the senses. She takes great joy in turning each event into an interactive sensory experience for all involved. With incredible attention to detail and a highly refined and luxurious aesthetic, Roxanne seamlessly weaves an event filled with a multitude of colors, delicious smells, beautiful textures, and of course, an abundance of delectable food!

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